So Realistic, You'll Reach For The Stars
Tonights Moon
Tonights Moon
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Star Gaze From The Comfort Of Home!

Imagine laying down on your bed, and turning off the lights.
Then, as if by magic, you see some light above you.
Soon the whole ceiling is filled with stars and planets
magically transporting you away into a world far far away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Our artwork creates a very impressive illusion of having a clear glass ceiling above you as you lie down in your bedroom at night. What you see up in the sky is the same as you would see on a cloudless night, far away from city lights, high up in the mountains, with thousands of twinkling stars.

The stars glow all night, and slowly disappear as the morning sun comes up.

Just like you were sleeping under the stars away from all those bright city lights.

Have us paint your ceiling in your bedroom, your child's bedroom (special kids themes are available), home theaters, private planes, boats, motor coaches, nightclubs, hotel rooms. We can provide a spectacular experience for you and your guests!

We use Trompe-l'œil to put you under the stars.

Why You Need Our Artwork

Where Can Our Artwork Be Used?

Just imagine for a minute...
You are stargazing under the most spectacular view of the night sky...
But instead of being outside on the cold hard wet ground looking up, you are relaxing in the comforts of your own warm bed... It's simply beautiful...

YES - Stargazing in bed IS possible!

It's another perfect comfortable clear night for Stargazing in Bed when you have one of our AMAZING custom painted murals in your home.

Each and every night, a beautiful night sky awaits you!