So Realistic, You'll Reach For The Stars


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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Custom Design?
The cost is surprisingly low. The price depends on the design and size of the painting. Prices start at about $200. Contact Us for a demonstration and quote!
How Long Does It Take?
Most jobs can be completed in a few hours. More detailed and complicated designs may take several days
Can I Watch You Do The Work?
Sorry, but no. We use a combination of trade secrets to create your fantasy.
What Do I Have To Do To Prepare The Area?
Please remove all breakables and valuables from the room. If possible, remove beds from the room. We take care in covering your flooring and furniture left in the room. We can work around most furniture. We ask that the area has a cooling system, and that you dust mop the area(s) to be painted.
How Long Do I Need To Wait Before I Can Sleep In The Room?
We use water based paints, and there is no smell. The paint fully dries over a day or so. If we do your walls, please do not place anything near or against the walls. If we just paint the ceiling, there is no problem.
Can you paint "Twinkling Stars?"
Many sites say the stars "twinkle." This can be deceiving. Painted stars cannot twinkle by themselves. The paints glow at their brightest when the lights first turn off, and the glow diminishes over time. "Twinkling" may be achieved if there is a ceiling fan in the room, or if there is some other item obstructing the view at certain angles (such as popcorn ceilings)

If you can't find the answer to your question, or you need more details please contact us, and we will get the answer you need to you ASAP!