So Realistic, You'll Reach For The Stars

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Stay on your customers minds for many years to come!

You work hard to create an identity in the real estate business. What happens after you sell your house? Chances are your clients forget about you. What if you gave them something unique, lasts 25 years, and they would see every day and remind them of you?

You are probobly thinking something like this would cost thousands? What if you could do this for under a hundred dollars? ery day and remind them of you?

Enter Sky-Masters, AKA Starscapes™ of Southern Nevada.

We create custom pieces of artwork on the ceiling that is virtually invisible in the day. When the lights go out, the ceiling disappears and reveals the illusion of being outside underneath the stars.

We have 2 types of our custom formulated Creation Paints. The first type lasts all night, with a gradual fade. The second type starts our bright, but fades within an hour. The second type is fantastic for childrens rooms, and is designed to help a child get to sleep faster.